Lindsey Williams Reveals Final Warning To Buy Gold?

Pastor Lindsey WilliamsBut before we explain why you need to take what Lindsey Williams said about buying gold so serious you need to understand how he can make such a bold statement with such confidence.

What I am about to reveal to you could make the difference of you and your family having food on the dinner table in the coming months.

It was over 35 years ago that Lindsey Williams says he had the privilege to be invited by the elite of the world to be their chaplain on the trans-Atlantic oil pipeline. While there counseling all the workers he got to know many of these people intimately and kept in touch with many of them even after he left their service.

You have to understand the people he dealt with on a daily basis were some of them most powerful people in the world. Everyone from VP’s of some of the largest oil companies in the world to the financiers that control some of the biggest banking institutions.

Lindsey Williams worked as a go between for the executives and workers because the workers trusted him more and got along with them. The executives of these big oil corporations would let Lindsey Williams set in on their board meetings and the stuff he saw and heard in the meetings were draw dropping to say the least. Much of what he was told they make him take a vow of secrecy and hasn’t revealed it to anyone to this very day.

Divine Providence Could Save Your Dinner Table

A couple of the elite took a real liking with Pastor Lindsey Williams and after he left their service they kept in touch with him over the years. One of the elite whose identity was kept a secret out of respect for his friend and has now passed away has been revealed as Mr. Ken Fromm the chief operating officer of Atlantic Richfield for Alaska. Mr. Fromm has passed on he now gets his insider information from a different elite that is said to be in senior management in the oil industry who is also getting up there in his years.

He says it is only by the providence of God that he was put in a position to know the elite and have them tell him these things.

Lindsey Williams says as they tell him things he just repeats to us exactly what they told him.

Throughout the years Lindsey Williams reported on certain things that he couldn’t possibly of knew would happen like they did and for sure it would of ruined his credibility if he has been wrong.

When it came to the gulf oil spill he waited about a month to a month and a half and contacted his Elitist friends and said please tell me the truth about what is happening out there with BP and that oil coming out into the Gulf of Mexico. Then I came onto radio and told you the real story. And it was not 4 to 5 months later that they were reporting what my Elitists friends had told him

Lindsay said years ago that there was a 200 year supply of crude oil on the North Slope of Alaska and Sarah Palin finally come out and said that. You see the Elite knew it all the time.

It was looking like we were going to have war with Iran so he called up his Elitist friend and asked “Are we going to have war with Iran anytime soon?” The Navy was over there, the Army was ready and the Air Force was ready. He said, no chaplain there isn’t going to be any war with Iran for a certain period of time at least 2 years.

Why has it taken place this way?

Because, this is how they planned it to happen. Every single bit of this is planned in advance. He has been trying to tell people all of these years that the Elite do things behind closed doors. That they know what they are doing and folks I hope that you believe everything that you are hearing because you are being told the truth even though sometimes it may sound very bizarre.

On the other hand, they do, they know exactly what is going to happen in advance. Nothing ever happens by chance in Washington or in the financial world. It all happens by designed plan.

One time his elite friend told him that the price of crude oil was going to go from $147 a barrel to $50 a barrel and all the news media basically laughed at him and didn’t even want to let them on their shows. They said he was crazy. But it turned out just like his friend Mr. Fromm said it would and exactly two months later it happened and gasoline went from $4 a gallon to $1.50. The only way possible for him to know that was going to happen was to be in contact with the insiders who make the decisions that control the entire worlds lives.

That is when people started trying to call him a prophet but Lindsey Williams makes it perfectly clear that he is no prophet and that he just reports to us about the things that the elite of the world have decided in advance is going to happen.

Now, Mr. Fromm has passed away, and as a result Lindsey Williams  is free to tell you some things for the first time that he has ever said over the air or in any recording because he waited out of respect. Ken Fromm was a personal friend for 35 years and what a wonderful friend he has been in order to risk his credibility and himself in telling the things that you heard Lindsey Williams say. But he is free now, for the first time, to release the voices of the Elite. He says, “I kept very meticulous records over the years and everything these people have said.”

Why When Lindsey Williams Talks You Had Better Listen

Every single time, for the past 35 years, the Elitist predictions have been exactly right and happened just like they said they would. Every time!

That is why when Lindsey Williams says to get out of paper you had better listen. Because the Elite have told him how things are going to happen and it is not just some prediction it is their grand plan that they have revealed to him and like all the other stuff they have said and have come to pass you better take this part the most serious of all because you and your family’s financial well being may depend on it.

The Elite’s goal is to use the IMF and the World Bank to systematically replace all the currencies of the world with a “one world currency” that they call SDR’s. Least you think this is some conspiracy theory you should know that the International Monetary Fund already uses “Special Drawing Rights” to give out loans to countries that need to borrow.

Price Will Rise To At Least $3000 An Ounce

He was once told by his elite friend that the rich don’t use paper money! They keep as little of their wealth in it as possible just to do the necessary day to day transactions that they need to do. The rest and most of the bulk of their wealth is stored in precious metals.

His friend told him that the currency of the ultra-wealthy rich of the world is Gold! Did you hear me? They said the rich use gold as a currency and not paper. They told him to get out of paper fast as you can because when their plan is put into action . . .

Your Paper Dollars Won’t Even Be Worth The Paper That It Is Printed On!

They told him that they keep their wealth in gold and silver and other physical assets like land. They keep very little in actual paper dollars.

They said that paper currencies not only included the cash in your wallet and bank account but any funds that you have in a pension fund or Ira or even in a safety deposit box isn’t safe. You need to get out of it quickest as you can while it still retains some of its value.

They have told Lindsay that in order for them to bring their New World Order currency into existence that they are going to back the new SDR with at least some amount of Gold as collateral and to give the public confidence in the new currency. And to bring about this new era they will have to raise the price to a amount  of at least $3000 an ounce to cover all the new dollars that will need to be created all around the world.

They are planning to systematically destroy the value of the dollar until it is worthless.

Their goal is to make people so broke that when they are ready to usher in their new currency that people will receive it with open arms and no resistance. Things will get so bad that the people will actually beg them to save them and they will happily come in and save you because that was their plan all along a “One World Currency” and a “One World Government”. They will get what they have been after all along and that is absolute, total control over every aspect of yours and my life.

How do they plan to bring about the ultimate destruction of the dollar?

The first way to accomplish it is through the use of Hyper Inflation. Since 2008 when the banking crisis hit the United States our government in partnership with the Federal Reserve has been printing new dollars  like it is going out of style.

You see every time they print at new dollar at the Federal Reserve it makes the buying power of our paper dollars go down further and further. That is why they say get out of paper because when they print dollars your money is worth less and less but with gold the opposite is true. The more dollars they print the more the price goes up.

Hyperinflation happened in Weimar Germany in the early 1920’s. The government, in an attempt to print its way out of debt, printed so many dollars that their currency became practically worthless. It was worth so little that you had to use a wheelbarrow to take the money need to the grocery store to buy one egg. It became almost worthless. That is what happens when a government gets itself into trouble then robs its own people by making their buying power worth less than the paper it is printed on to get their selves out of trouble.

You absolutely can’t have your wealth stored in paper dollars when the Fed continues to print more and more like there is no consequence. There is always a price to pay and that price is inflation. The more that they print the more the price of everyday items like Milk and other food items, medical costs, gasoline and fuel bills will continue to go up in cost. Also, the price will continue to rise higher and higher the more that is printed. That is why you need to get out of all paper assets now and get into Gold and Silver precious metals and tangible assets like land.

The next they are going to do to have every one beg them to replace their currency and save them is seize your bank accounts. It can be described as nothing more than outright theft and it is happening on a global scale even as I sit here righting these words.

One of the early seizures they did was what happened recently in Cypress, Greece. Their country was in so much debt that they went into individual savings accounts and stole any amount over a set amount and just took it out of their accounts. I say stole because they didn’t give any warning or choice in the matter the people of Greece just woke up one morning and found that their banking accounts all had been locked and their savings just disappeared out of their accounts. If they would have had their savings in gold then the government wouldn’t have been able to outright rob them of their wealth.

The elite not only did it to Greece but also to a few other countries as a test to see if they could do it worldwide. The protest was so bad that they decided that it wouldn’t work in the United States.

Your Retirement Account Is At Extreme Risk Of Being Seized

What they plan to do in the United States is even more devious and evil. Right now not only in the United States but in Canada and other Western countries of the world what they are doing is writing legislature that will give them the power to go in and seize everyone’s retirement accounts.

They have openly said that there will be no more bailouts like there was in 2008. The government and ultimately the taxpayers are not going to foot the bill through taxation in the next financial crisis. No indeed, there plan is so sinister that a movie script writer couldn’t of even come up with the plot.

When the next financial meltdown happens, and it will be soon, what they are going to do is called a “Bail In” instead of a “Bail Out” like last time. They are going to go into individual retirement accounts and take all of your wealth that you spent a lifetime saving to retire and use it to give to the elite. Millions of Americans will be caught off guard and lose everything. They will lose all that they spent a lifetime working for and NOT be able to retire. Ever!

That is why it is so important to get out of paper now, which includes your IRA and 401k, because it isn’t safe to keep it there anymore. What worked great for your parents and grandparents is a losing plan now.

If you have a retirement account you need to get it into rare metals now before it is too late and you lose everything. That is why I am really big on recommending companies that let you convert your IRA and 401k plans into physical gold and silver.

They were recently named by Forbes magazine as one of the 500h fastest growing companies in the United States. They are trusted by thousands of people and very important high profile celebrities as the best way to safely rollover individual retirement accounts and they will ship you the gold directly to your house right now so that you can hold it in your physical hands when all this financial mess goes down.

My top gold company pick has the fastest delivery time on your gold as any company I have researched. They specialize in rolling over or converting your IRA or 401k retirement accounts into physical gold and I highly recommend that you check them out to learn how you can convert your retirement account into a safer form of investment.

Lindsey Williams says that the elite have told him that time is short and you need to make preparations right now for what is to come. His elite friend has told him that the greatest event the world has seen in the financial world in over 1,000 years is about to occur. More than 204 countries from all over the world have agreed to go along with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to reset their currency. If the Elite have their way, and they usually do, and get their Global Currency Reset to go through then all the currencies will be revalued to be within 5 percent of one another. This will destroy the value of your money.  The resulting effect on the United States economy will be devastating.

What this will do is help stop currency wars that are going on between different countries like China and the United States and make currencies more stable. Lindsey Williams says that his elite friend has told him when this happens that the United States dollar will be revalued at a rate that is currently 30 percent less than the current value of the dollar. Basically, everyone will wake up one morning and your dollars will be worth 30 percent less than they were the night before when you went to sleep. Poof! Gone! And all this is scheduled to be happening in the next few months!

Also, coming up during sometime in 2014 the government is passing laws that will prevent U.S. citizens from doing wire transfers out of the country. This is called capital controls and what it does is prevent the money of a country from being moved out of the country. These type are laws are usually passed right before the currency of the company takes a huge drop in value. The U.S. government knows what is coming and is doing everything within their abilities to make sure that the American people get screwed in the process.

Those That Prepare Now Will Be Saved

The good news is that Pastor Lindsey Williams has told us that our families dinner tables don’t have to suffer that during the last great depression that many people actually got rich during the hardest of times. They prospered because they took the actions they needed to and made the necessary preparations to survive the hard times ahead.

You want to get ready best as you can. You can do simple things like making sure you have a few weeks of food and water stored in a safe place and your house. Also, make sure that you have a medical kit in case the trouble starts and marshal law is declared and you can’t get to a hospital because of all the chaos and it becomes to dangerous to go outside.

The most important thing you can do is get out of paper and get your money out of the bank and convert your retirement account over to gold so that it will maintain its purchasing power in the hard times we all face ahead. Lindsey Williams says that you and your families don’t need to be the ones that suffer. You can start taking the necessary steps now to make sure that you and your family stay safe.

Lindsey Williams has said that the elite plan to collapse the dollar when the new Obama health care system is completely put into place. That time is quickly coming into being. Between now and then times are going to get really rough especially for those that don’t plan for it and prepare. Don’t let your family be caught off guard. Start getting ready now and god bless!